Quick Lessons

No time? Choose one of our Quick Lessons: free-standing individual lessons on a variety of subjects.

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QL001: Could have been worse...

Topic: Read about a climbing accident that could have gone worse
Skills: Reading and speaking
Language Focus: 3rd Conditional, should have, would have, could have
Task: Speak about an accident or close call; discuss what you should have done.
Level: Intermediate - Advanced

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Lesson Guide: Back Translation for Noticing

Topic: Teacher's selection
Skills: Reading and writing
Task: Students translate a short text into L1 then translate back into English
Level: Intermediate to Proficient

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QL002 A Memorable Day

Topic: Listen to an anecdote about a memorable day
Skills: Listening and Speaking
Language Focus: Past Narrative Tenses
Task: Write and speak about a picture of a memorable day
Level: Upper Intermediate - Advance