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#1 Demand in Economics

Topic: demand in economics
Tags: #business #economics #academic
Appropriate Levels: intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced
Skills: Reading, listening, prepared speaking, formal writing
Linguistic focus: 0 and 1st conditional; used to and would for past habits, comparative structures

Project aims/outcomes:

  • to learn about demand in economics.
  • Students will be able to use a range of specific lexis and grammatical structures to talk and write about demand, factors affecting demand and changes in demand.

Project Tasks:

  • Draw a chart: the demand curve
  • Short writing: write about factors affecting demand of a familiar product
  • Radio interview: prepare and record a radio style interview about changes in consumer trends
  • Presentation: make and give a short presentation about different types of demand upper-int/adv. only)
  • Long formal writing: academic style writing about demand

You can download the materials for the whole project below:

Or download the materials for each lesson using the buttons on lesson sections:


Lesson 1: What is Demand?

WATCH: Find out what demand is.

Key Question: what is the relationship between demand and price?

Task: Write a definition of Demand.

Lesson 2: Demand Curves

WATCH: Learn about demand curves.

Key Question: What do demand curves show?

Task: Draw a demand curve from a data set.

Lesson 3: Shifts in Demand

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Factors Affecting Demand

READ: Learn about the factors which affect demand.

Key Question: What factors affect demand other than price?

Task: Write about the factors affecting demand for a product you know

Lesson 4: Changing Demand

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Changing Demand

LISTEN: Learn about a shift in demand for a popular product.
Key Question: How has demand for coffee changed in the UK?

Task: Make a radio programme segment explaining shifts in consumer trends of a particular product you know

Extra Lesson 4b: Demand in More Detail

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Demand in More Detail

READ: Learn about demand in more detail

Key Question: How is demand different for different products?

Task: Make a presentation about Elasticity, Veblen and Giffen products.


Lesson 5: Writing about Demand

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Write about Demand

WRITE: Show your knowledge about demand using the information from the previous lessons.